Date 18 October 2012

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Today, at Illinoise Institute of Technology di Chicago, arch. Massimo Roj will introduce Garibaldi Tower B project, that is being recommended as european finalist of CTBUH AWARDS 2012 by Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.
These awards recognize projects that have made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of tall buildings and the urban environment, and that achieve sustainability at the highest and broadest level.

The project for re-qualifying the Garibaldi Towers in Milan is an important example of  architectural re-styling on the Italian real-estate scenario. This is a context in which the issue of re-qualification of buildings prevails over new buildings, and is one of the objectives of the European Commission with regard to Energy saving. The design challenge consisted of re-qualifying  office buildings created in the mid-80s as logistic support to Italian Railways Company, and seeking technical solutions able to meet precise objectives in terms of sustainability thanks to extreme integration between architecture and technical systems.

The elements of sustainability that have found integration into the project are:
– interactive double-skin facade with active solar radiaton attenuation systems inside the cavity;
– bioclimatic greenhouse;
– use of renewable energy: geothermal heat recovery through underground water as exchange fluid for polyvalent group (chiller group with heat production), photovoltaic and thermal solar;
– entalpic heat recovery on expelled air;
– secondary hydronic circuits of variable flow air conditioning plant;
– pre-cooling of external air through undergound water taken for toilet use (dual network);
– rainwater recovery with undergound water replenishing for toilet use (dua network);
– solar chimney (natural convection use for toilet air extraction);
– provision for artificial lighting automation;
– Building Management System (BMS) integrating in a single interface all aspects of building management (HVAC, lighting and power, safety, ecc..).

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