Our Architecture Department is composed of four specialized divisions: Space Planning, Interior Design, Building Design and Urban Planning. We create an organic interface between the users, technologies, urban and territorial contexts: from the outside to the inside, from micro to macro, from individual needs to the respect of the environment.

Our Engineering Department is specialized in structural calculations, designing of electrical and special mechanical systems, testing, assessing energetic performance and requalification interventions. According to the projects, our Engineering Department works together with the Department of Architecture.

This Department offers health and safety consulting services, fire systems and evaluation inspections both on construction sites and lived in buildings. Our staff is constantly updated on the existing regulations in order to promptly solve technical problems and procedures.

Our characteristic is to conceive our product following all the steps: from the design to the realization. We create our products trying to understand the real needs of our Clients, offering them customized, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Progetto CMR is responsible for managing all the design and implementation stages, in order to meet Client requirements with due respect for the commitments entered into in terms of costs, quality and delivery. This service is offered both during the designing and implementation stages.

Our aim is to continue on research activity, interacting always with clients, suppliers, international networks, institutions and research bodies, in order to offer the Client an up-to-date solution and strategic competency. All the stages of the project are characterized by cross-sectorial support enriching domain expertise.